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Alloy Steel Pipe - Fertilizer Transportation Pipeline

Dec 16, 2016

It can be said that alloy steel pipe is now slowly integrated into our lives, automobile parts, oil transport, and even fertilizer pipeline transportation are applied to the alloy steel pipe, what are the advantages of the alloy steel pipe in the chemical fertilizer pipeline transportation process?

We know that chemical fertilizers contain some strong irritant elements and and volatile, during the transport process, there is no use with the dedicated pipeline, it  will have a part of the impact on the health of the transport, in order to avoid the occurrence of such a phenomenon, we can use alloy pipe, taste of fertilizer has been controlled.

Fertilizer transport has stringent requirements on temperature, the general temperature need to be controlled at -40-400 degrees Celsius, only in this temperature, regardless of the activity of chemical fertilizers or fertilizer quality are better. Alloy steel pipe can meet these requirements.

DIN17175 Alloy Pipes

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