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How to Remove Rust for Seamless Steel Pipe?

Dec 14, 2016

The main raw material of seamless steel pipe is steel, it is possible to rust after use a long time, although the surface of the seamless steel pipe in the production has been coated the coating, but the long-term exposure in the air, the risk of rust is also great. If there is rust after we do not deal with it in time, its hardness and toughness will be greatly reduced, in order to avoid this case happening, we should carry out rust treatment.

The first method is the use of mechanical grinding method, mainly with its grinding machine to avoid rust to clean up, but this method may have an impact on its thickness to a certain extent.

The second method is the use of pickling, the main raw material is hydrochloric acid, which is a chemical substance, although it will be easier to clean up, it is still a great harm for the surrounding environment. 

Seamless Steel Pipe

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