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How to Check And Repair The Alloy Steel Pipe?

Nov 30, 2016

The application of alloy steel pipe is very wide, because it has many advantages, high temperature and pressure resistance is its most important features. In order to ensure the safety of production and transportation, maintenance work is essential, users of alloy steel pipe not only understand the maintenance of alloy steel pipe skills, but also know how to check the alloy steel tube.

First of all, we can inspect the surface of the alloy steel pipe. Surface repair is the most simple and most common thing, the general alloy steel pipe surface is not allowed to crack, cracks can easily lead to the phenomenon of alloy steel pipe explosion, we have to check carefully, especially before use.

Next, the shape of the alloy steel pipe is examined. Alloy steel pipe will begin to appear the phenomenon of aging after the use of a certain number of years, in order to avoid future security incidents, so once the deformation has been found to be immediately replaced. 

Finally, it should be noted that the surface of the alloy steel pipe can not appear rust phenomenon. Rust of alloy steel pipe will reduce its service life, so we must promptly remove the rust phenomenon.

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