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The Forming Technology of Seamless Pipe

Nov 23, 2016

The forming technology of large seamless steel pipe mainly includes hot spinning method, heat extrusion method, hot piercing rolling method.

Hot spinning method, the flat blank or molded blank is fixed to the rotating core rod, the pressure with the rotary wheel blank, rotation and axial feeding, get the thin-walled hollow rotary body products. Its advantages are high precision products, good mechanical properties, production cost is lower.

Heat extrusion method, need for billet machining before extrusion, the extruded tube diameter below 100mm, low equipment investment, less waste of materials, technology is more mature. 

Hot piercing rolling method, Hot piercing rolling is divided into longitudinal rolling extension and cross rolling elongation. The method has high production efficiency, low metal consumption, good product quality, advanced control system. It is used widely.

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