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Seamless Steel Pipe Will Not Be Damaged During Transport

Oct 13, 2016

Seamless steel pipe has a wide range of uses in many industries, so seamless steel pipe manufacturer is also very much. Because the larger size of seamless steel pipe,  so the buyer bought a seamless steel pipe, generally buyer allow manufacturers to transport seamless steel pipe to the designated place, so there are some people will have questions, whether it will cause damage during the transport of seamless steel pipe?

In fact, this concern is unnecessary, because the middle of seamless steel pipe has a large hollow cross-sectional area, internal smooth, with very good toughness, in the case of enormous pressure, but also to ensure that the phenomenon does not appear rupture. Therefore, the seamless steel pipe manufacturers do not worry steel pipe damage because of the transport road bumps. And the professional manufacturer believe that the quality of seamless steel pipe is smaller, so seamless steel pipe has a very good shock resistance, can reduce unnecessary economic losses caused by the transport process!

AISI 4130 Steel Pipe

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