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Deephole Boring Machine Processing Conditions

Sep 22, 2016

Deep processing is different from ordinary machining, it need to have five kinds of properties available to meet the deep hole boring machine processing requirements.

1. Stepless feed moving speed.

2. Cutting fluid systems have sufficient pressure, flow, cutting fluid to ensure clean.

3. With the tool guide system. When deep hole drill close to the workpiece, the guide sleeve against the surface of the workpiece, to ensure the head position drill to the workpiece accurately.

4. The safety control indicating device, such as feed rate table, spindle torque table, coolant flow control table, cutting fluid pressure gauge, coolant temperature monitoring table, filter controllers.

5. The drill holder has a support sleeve, having a cutter guide sleeve, headstock spindle and rod box spindle with a concentricity within the standard range.

Deephole Boring Machine

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