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How to Inspect Steel Pipe?

Sep 13, 2016

Fields have the use of steel pipe, some steel tube is applied to the transportation of oil, some are used in the high-pressure pipeline, but before the use, acceptance of the steel pipe is a prerequisite for safe use.

First, check the steel tube packaging, packaging is the most basic things, if strong impact in the transport process, the surface of the packaging will leave imprint, if there are obvious signs on the packaging, we must be careful, because it may be related to the inside of the pipe, but we can not jump to conclusions, but also on the steel pipe to be checked.

Secondly, check the steel pipe surface, look steel pipe appearance cracks, scars, separation occurs, in addition, also on steel pipe specifications to verify, meet the requirements of the manufacturer's steelmakers flag. The manufacturer of steel pipe will be handed carefully, if not handled properly will damage the surface of steel pipe, the course will pose a security risk.

AISI 4140 Steel Pipe

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